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With an eye to the past, the Ruin’Dwell founded their culture in fascination with the ancient world and the relics it has left behind. In current times, most Ruin’Dwell are mainly concerned with living their day to day lives, but being ensconced among the ruins of the past has allowed that original spark of wonder to live on, and more than a few Ruin’Dwell dream of exploring the unknown, discovering the long lost. And some of those grow up to do exactly that.


A patient and curious people, the Ruin’Dwell occupy most known ancient ruined cities from the world before. They view these places with an almost mystical reverence, and put an extraordinary amount of effort into preserving the structures and artifacts they discover, building in and around them in a non-destructive manner that leaves the original structural elements intact.


Don’t let their patience fool you, though. As a population with a strong urge to explore, they also have a strong need to be capable and hardy. They can be quite formidable on the battlefield, be it an individual explorer fending off wild animals using a ruin as a den, a skirmish with brigands, or an all out war against another mycel.


The Ruin’Dwell live their lives in pursuit of The Path, a very Buddhist-like philosophy that presupposes the existence of no deities, instead focusing on an individual’s attempt to reach perfect inner peace to ease suffering. They express this desire for peace and an end to suffering in most aspects of their lives, being renowned mediators and negotiators.


The religious leader of The Path is believed to reincarnate into a new person following the death of the previous leader. Given how long individual mushroom folk can live, this has only happened a handful of times in all of Ruin’Dwell history.


As with so many mycels, the Merchants make up the most frequent trade partners of the Ruin’Dwell. The Ruin’Dwell themselves do engage in some trade of their own, and are typically pretty good at it, but it’s not a particular focus for them. They have been known to trade with the Scholars when they make archaeological finds of particular significance. The Beneath typically seem reluctant to trade with the Ruin’Dwell, but it’s not generally known exactly why that is.


 Politically, the Ruin’Dwell are monarchists.


The Seeker, an enoki mycanoid that no barrier could halt, scavenging the hardest to reach and most hazardous depths of the ancient city for the most elusive riches to help the tribe and trade with passing merchants and other tribes.


Ruin’Dwell are primarily made up of populations of Enoki, Shiitake, Witch’s Hat mushroom folk.

Native Lands

An adaptable group, the Ruin’Dwell were the first to explore the world and were quick to claim most of the obvious ruins that litter the landscape, left over from the ancient world. They think of the ruins themselves as their territories, rather than claiming a more discrete geopolitically bound territory. Most of the ruins they’ve discovered and settled tend to be in the plains.


Ruin’Dwell tend to get along well with the Scholars, though occasionally their differing viewpoints on antiquity can raise some friction. They trade frequently with the Grandfarmers, sometimes through Merchant mediaries, and of course with the Merchants themselves.


Ruin’Dwell relations with the Beneath are generally cordial at best, though they’ve never gone to war.

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