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Stream Tribes

Phase One


Luteous snapped back into his own body as if he’d been dropped into it. His arm, legs and head all jerked at once, causing an involuntary “Gaah!” to escape his mouth. Blinking, he sat up and looked around. 


The stage was empty. There was no sign of The Librarian anywhere and there was no evidence anything had happened. His mind was his own again, and the floor felt solid and unmoving as it should be.


The young sporeling did not feel confused or afraid though. He now understood what had happened. He had just taken part in the same ceremony performed all those years ago. United in spirit and mind with his classmates and the rest of his species in a single consciousness, if only for a moment.  

“Here…” a voice said behind him. Turning, Luteous saw the outstretched hand of the Amanita who laughed at him earlier offering to help him up. 


“Thanks,” he smiled. Getting to his feet, he looked around at the faces in the auditorium. He knew them all now. Their names, their likes, their fears. Luteous’s mind felt changed… empowered with knowledge and understanding he never dreamed possible. 


“Sporelings..!” the voice of Eldar Populi rang out. “It is time. Come, choose your new Tribe to call home. You are now ready to help uphold The Gregarious Accord.” 


Luteous smiled. Finally it all made sense. An adventure was starting, and the first choice in it was his.

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