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TheHunterWild Brand Envoy program is an awesome opportunity for enthusiastic supporters of TheHunterWild to become an elevated member of the community. We're looking for positive and active members to represent all things TheHunterWild! Are you already an active chatter in the Twitch streams? Do you welcome people to the chat and celebrate tips/cheers/subs with great vigor? Are you wildly positive and comfortable representing the brand? Do you embody the values of TheHunterWild as an exemplar of greatness? Then you might make a terrific Envoy! This is a program with rotating monthly representatives chosen through this application process to represent us and our tribe, and become more closely involved with the team and our projects.


Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • You will be expected to be the face of the brand in streams: A regular presence in Hunter's streams, welcome new chatters and viewers to the stream, celebrate cheers/subs/tips and encourage community members to participate in projects outside of the stream in discord, on the website, etc. 

  •  You may be called upon to participate as a Clips Contest Judge. This will require more of a time commitment around Launch Events. 

  •  You will be included in some of our project development for us to bounce ideas around and off each other, and  are expected to be in-tune enough with the community to represent their likes & dislikes. 


  • You will be announced in our monthly Envoy Announcement

  • You will be able to construct your own bio to be featured in our Community Newsletter 

  • You will be featured in a "THW ENVOYS" video that Hunter will play live on stream 

  • You will be assigned an "Envoy Role" in Discord 

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive behind-the-scenes project meetings with TheHunterWild Team. 

  • You will be sent an original art piece from Hunter

  • You will receive an exclusive "TheHunterWild Envoy" Sticker

"How do I apply??"

Save up your Channel Points watching Hunter on Twitch! You can redeem an Envoy Application for 10,000 points! 

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